Set: Verslunarsvæði H0 – (190062)

6.000 kr.

Supply and demand! Four-piece set of buildings with a wide variety of decoration elements allowing to lay out a small industrial estate with retail trade, manufacturing businesses and storehouse. Glazed facades allow to get a glimpse of the transparent production in the craft beer brewery and of some sales areas in the DIY store and fully equipped kitchen Showroom.
Contents: Hardware store, Kitchen studio, Brewery, Warehouse
This building kit contains: 794 single parts in 13 colours, window parts, 3 paper masks, 2 decorations and 4 construction instructions.
Use for handicrafts FALLER EXPERT plastic glue.

Dimensions DIY store:
221 x 204 x 95 mm
Dimensions Kitchen showroom:
217 x 136 x 105 mm
Dimensions Brewery:
180 x 160 x 183 mm
Dimensions warehouse:
128 x 96 x 53 mm