Set: Þorpið N – (239004)

6.500 kr.

Beauty of rural areas! Four-model set allowing the arrangement of a small village. The centre of the tiny locality is comprised of a small church with gable roof and steeple on the side, a fountain with figure, a dwelling house with garage and fenced front garden as well as a small gardener centre with greenhouses and beds.
Contents: Church, Dwelling house, Nursery, Fountain
This building kit contains: 304 single parts in 12 colours, window parts, 2 paper masks and 4 construction instructions.
Use for handicrafts FALLER EXPERT plastic glue.

Dimensions village church:
128 x 115 x 170 mm
Dimensions greenhouse 1:
98 x 46 x 30 mm
Dimensions greenhouse 2:
72 x 42 x 40 mm
Dimensions Clinker-built house:
76 x 76 x 55 mm
Dimensions fountain:
26 x 26 x 30 mm