Set: Þjónustasveiði fyrir Lestar N – (239002)

6.000 kr.

Coal, water, sand and slag! 4-piece engine depot set comprised of a one-stall engine shed, a small coaling station with swivelling loading crane, a water tower and the necessary inspection pit with matching gantry crane.

Contents: Deslagging plant, Engine shed, Water tower, Coaling station

This building kit contains: 229 single parts in 13 colours, window foil, 1 paper mask and 4 construction instructions.
Use for handicrafts FALLER – plastic glue.

Slag handling facility dimensions:
209 x 85 x 57 mm
Dimensions engine shed:
175 x 52 x 62 mm
Water tower dimensions:
58 x 58 x 135 mm
Dimensions coal handling:
119 x 44 x 66 mm