Set: Lestarstöðin Vogelsang N – (239003)

6.000 kr.

Rural charm! Multiple-piece complete station set with two-storey passenger building, spacious annexed shed for the forwarding of goods, highly detailed base plate with stairs, loading ramps and railings, two covered platforms with decoration elements as well as a protected level crossing with warning signs.
Contents: Station, Shed, Platforms, Railway crossing
This building kit contains: 192 single parts in 14 colours, 1 paper mask, 2 decorations and 3 construction instructions.
Use for handicrafts FALLER EXPERT plastic glue.

Dimensions railway station:
250 x 120 x 88 mm
Dimensions platform:
363 x 40 x 37 mm
Dimensions level crossing:
143 x 98 x 42 mm