2 Hús- N (232387) (Beethovenstr.)

6.800 kr.

Integral renovation! Corner house and terrace house in Beethoven Street have been given a new paint. Next to the telecommunications shop there is a restaurant offering regional cuisine. On the upper storeys there are students’ lodgings. It is also possible to built the terrace house by halves.
This building kit contains: 562 single parts in 10 colours, window parts, 2 paper masks, 2 decorations and 2 construction instructions.
Use for handicrafts FALLER – plastic glue.
Dimensions corner house:
75 x 75 x 123 mm

Dimensions terrace house:
65 x 58 x 118 mm

Dimensions driveway:
32 x 3 x 27 mm

Total dimensions:
172 x 75 x 123 mm